• Model: Nina Pastyrikova aka Nina Parish / Valentina Rush / Tatiana Milovani
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Date: ??/200?

This video clip is special for us because we have been secretly watched. Nina’s bladder was almost bursting and had to be emptied urgently. For this scene we had hidden ourselves in the nature park Divoka Sarka near Prague a few meters behind rocks, where we believed to be alone. That was not the case. A tensioner has apparently been watching us the whole time. Only when the scene was turned off, we noticed him. At the end of the scene you can still see the man from behind as he sneaks away. It may be that he was Nina’s boyfriend at the time.

Image at the left is an extracted frame from the video.

Thumbnail table with technical details (JPG)

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