Certainly we`re not the usual kind of company.

But find it out yourself:


It was in May 2002 when everything started. Without a clue about the business, we financed a few nude shoots in Prague. Beyond the first girls were names like Monika Hajkova (PLAYBOY, PENTHOUSE) and her sister, Pavla Kroupova, Jana Mrazkova, Elena Nikulina, Lea De Mae (both famous with PRIVATE) and so on. We were driven by curiosity and the joy of working with beautiful girls and women in beautiful nature. We didn`t care about the money. Someday somehow it would be possible to sell the pictures to somebody.

One year later we installed a website called SEXYROTIC.com in order to find customers around the world and get in contact with them. Again we had no clue about creating and publishing website, about marketing and so on. We simply learned by trials and errors.


In the meantime we sell our pictures to magazines, to webmasters and to private consumers. We`re not rich, but we`re still there and we still enjoy working with our models.


Noone ever knows, but we`re optimistic.


In our opinion uncovered female beauty is a gift to a woman as musical talent is a gift to the musician or maths talents is a gift to a mathematic. Everybody is free to do with his talents what he wants to do. You may waste and stultify your talent, you may keep it just for yourself, or let only a few other persons participate. We`re thankful to the people, who are different and who share God`s (or destiny`s) gift with the world. We live in a world of perverted moral values where sex without a purpose, just as joy of life, is treated like a sin; where a naked girl in the streets evokes more protest than a fray; where porn is quickly thrown into the same basket as crime and violence. We know that under these circumstances it takes lots of guts for a young girl to generously present herself naked in front of cameras. She must be strong to withstand the psychological pressure generated by whispering neighbours, friends who point the finger at her or family members who are ashamed of her instead of being proud.

As a matter of course we treat our models respectfully, we regard them as equal business partners, we pay them considerable high fees, we never urge them to do what they don`t feel comfortable with, we respect their wishes. Maybe that`s the reason why we have good personal relationships to all of them, some even became close friends over the years. The girls who haven`t quit their model job work for us over and over again. Very unusual in this business: our models can choose between getting paid either a fixed fee or a share of 50% of our profit from their photos. Anyway, our customers can be shure, that a substantial part of their money goes directly to the models.


If we see interesting girls in the street, we just talk to them and ask them if they`d be willing to pose for us; we surf through the internet and find girls on their personal website; or we get the girls right from the agencies whom we work together with.

Currently we often shoot in South Germany, Switzerland, Prague (Czech Republic) and Zilina (Slovak Republic).

Mostly, but not solely, we do solo girls (preferably outdoors but also indoors) from non-nude casual (NNC) to masturbation with fingers and toys. As for custom shoots we of course cling to the wishes of our customers. If it`s not a custom shoot, we very much enjoy “jumping into the water”. Without concrete plans we go to nice places, sometimes by car, but very often just by walking because some places lie far beyond normal streets. Then we figure out what the light is like and we start shooting. We take it as it comes ruled by spontaneous ideas influenced by things that happen incidentally. It`s like surfing on the waves of daily uncertainties or receiveing presents from tyche. In the morning of each day we never know what kind of photos/videos we will take home in the evening. Thus, each series/clip has it`s individual history and it`s individual character.


In regard of our photos we started with a NIKON F801, later it was a F100, followed by a Fuji S2 and a Fuji S3. For our video clips we used to work with several SONY TRV120`s accompanied now by a nice SONY VX2000. Update 01/2018: In the meantime we had a NIKON D700 as photo camera, currently we’re working with the NIKON D800E. In regard of capturing videos, we now use the PANASONIC HDC-SD1 & HDC-SD99 as well as very recently the SONY FDR-X3000.

Thanks to our Models as well as to our customers 🙂