What’s new in 2018?

In the last weeks we have completely rebuilt our shop. Why?

Well, osCommerce, the script that our shop was based on for 15 years, was outdated, was not working anymore, and finding SEXYROTIC on Google was not easy. For a long time, we tried to adapt and revamp osCommerce. But since the oC developers hardly care about their baby, and because none of our team is a real computer geek, it cost us an infinite amount of time. More time than we would have needed to redesign everything from scratch.

Ironically, in the end we decided to take exactly this time-consuming step: to rebuild everything! But this time we used WordPress and WooCommerce, two CMS components that immediately have made a very good impression on us. In hindsight, we should have done this step right at the beginning, but who knows in advance which paths are the right ones?

After all, we also have the opportunity to integrate further information about the models into the website, to integrate our blog, which we had outsourced to Blooger so far: http://sexyrotic.blogspot.de and to keep everything a bit more flush and compact. Should you have any complaints or tips or requests, please let us know .

On the occasion of the topping-out ceremony and for the joy of our now 15-year anniversary, in March we lowered all prices by more than 10%. Many photo series will experience an even more drastic price reduction in the coming days. It looks like less and less customers are looking for photos nowadays and more and more want videos. This, of course, seems understandable to us. Processors are getting faster, the speed of data transfers has increased dramatically, the quality of video cameras has improved tremendously, and so on. Probably, we’ll take less pictures and produce more video clips in the future. Just go with the time, as they say 🙂