A Rose is a Poppy is a Rose


  • Model: Keny
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Date: 06/2004
  • Still available – not exclusively

It’s Xmas 2016 and Fans of Keny asked us to finally publish our last photo sets of her from 2004. Again we have to emphasize that we were not satisfied with the quality. The lighting was directed poorly and there were a lot of little dust spots on the sensor. Early digital cameras had a big problem with that.

These last sets were shot on 29th June 2004 a little outside of Prague. Because it was summer we expected a warm and pleasant day. But it turned out to be completely different. It was cold and windy which unfortunately was sort of getting on our nerves after a while.

Fans of Keny might still be able to enjoy the previously unreleased pictures.

Contact Sheet (PDF)

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