Light my Fire


  • Model: Keny
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Date: 06/2004

This is one of several photo sets that we stumbled across today by chance. They were shot way back in 2004, but because of several reasons they have never been released yet. Probably because we were not satisfied with the quality. The lighting was directed poorly and there were a lot of little dust spots on the sensor. Early digital cameras had a big problem with that.

To make a long story short: we put those pictures aside and finally forgot them. Only in May 2016, during the fundamental upgrade of our website, we discovered them again. The quality is still low, but the images live from the overwhelming charm of seductive Keny! And because she never shot again, not even with other photographers, her pictures are extremely rare and hard to find. From this point of view, we we feel like lucky pigs who found visual truffles today 🙂

Contact Sheet (PDF)

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